Thursday, January 7, 2010

Are We Alone ?

In the beginning, it was dark, it was silent, it was empty, all of a sudden there was a bang, all was fire, it started spreading in all directions. There was no molecules and no life, Eons passed, and life appeared on one small blue green planet orbiting an average star in a spiral galaxy called the Milky Way. On that planet, one species, endowed with the capacity to think and speak, began to wonder: Did it happen only here? Are We Alone ?


  1. Welcome to the world of bloggers..Good start..
    Take us through the journey of humanity...

  2. Good start...We are not alone.. but we are yet to meet the others or identify them if we have.. keep the blogs coming!

  3. Thank you இரவுப்பறவை and Manz. "Its my Story" on pipe line for next post.

  4. Nice blog SP, i like the topic you have choosen, recently me too have came to read about some of the articles about vedas, vedanga and some of the history related articles. I just read one or two articles but it was so interesting. It looks like there are lot of information written by our ancestors which is still not explored extensively.

    I have the same question you had, within a short span of time if modern man can invent so many hi-fi technology, why not our ancestors could have done that, it is very much possible indeed.

    I really wanted to go through the historic books like vedas and vedangas and find out more. Most of articles in the net talks only about a overview of these things. It is very difficult to find detailed information about these items.

    In your blog you are talking about a little different topic, it is very interesting as well and i believe it will be more interesting to explore this as well. Carry on with your good work. If you happen to know where can i find the information i am searching plese do share with me.

    Happy Blogging.

  5. Hi Muthu, It is nice to know that you are interested in Ancient Indian Texts. The best way to read the Ancient Indian Texts is by reading the hard copy of the books, In Net you can find only the summary of books or e-books of foreign authors. Finding the Original version (actually speaking in our time line we do not have the original Vedas and Epics as they were written) of Vedas and Epics on net is not possible. The better way is buying it from the book shops.

    The books from Bhavan's Book University, Gita Press and The Little flower company is good. Always go for the Original version of the book, if you want to do research, do not buy the ones which were written from the authors point of view. They really do write their own version (as they understood) of Epics and Vedas.

    If you want to read the Vedic Science or Vedic Mathematics better go to a library, because most of the research books on vedas are very old, so you will not get them in book shops.

    I do have a huge collection of books, pass by my home when you get time. We will discuss in detail.

    And yes, reading Ancient Indian Texts is really an interesting job, I am also decoding them as much as I can or I understood them. More to come on this blog, then you will understand in which direction my research moves. Thanks a lot for your support.

    Keep reading.