Saturday, January 9, 2010

Its My Story

Why am I here? What is going to be so special in my blogs ?

I am here to take you through the journey of the universe and its truths. It will make you to look, feel and realize the reality just above from your current level. And, not just above your floor or city or the country, and not just from the top of the earth or the milky way galaxy, but from the point just above the millions and billions of galaxies in our Universe. It is not one of a science fiction writer's fantasy; its a cosmic reality!

Every thing in this vast universe started from a single point after a bang which gave birth to endless expansion of time, space and matter. It was the atoms from that single point which evolved as a star, planet, light, air, water, chemicals, life and Intelligent humans. Recognize the truth that atoms that constructs the molecules in your body now, were once part of the high mass point from where every thing began.

Being from a single point, every thing in this Universe is connected - you are connected to each and every atoms of this Universe. To all life forms you are connected biologically and to the earth chemically and to the rest of the universe atomically. We all are part of the universe, we are with in the universe and the universe is with in us. This thought sometimes makes me smile, when we run behind every thing, were every thing is with in us.

Every Story has a beginning; Even my 'Are We Alone?' research story has a beginning. A split second in the summer of '99 triggered me to think differently rather than thinking different things. Being bored of reading comics and short stories for a long time, I thought of going to the city library to find some thing new. On that eventful day, It was over there, I got a chance to browse through an article with a title "Is GOD an Alien Life form?". Even though I did not get a chance to read that article in complete, as it was pretty late to go home. But that simple question made lots of sense to me. That was the second I felt like all my questions answered through a question. At times feeling like, we got answer for some question results in thousands of new questions. That simple question was thrown like a stone on a silent lake. It did not create ripples in me, instead it created thousands of big waves. You do not have to be great to start something, but you have to start to be great. On that day, my journey in search of answers for those big waves started. Even today it keeps on hitting the shores in quest for answers.

Every thing in this universe came to motion around some time between 14 to 16 billion years ago, These numbers may seem to be very huge, even we cannot imagine those to understand how big they are, Imagination is a cage of ignorance beyond imagination there is only ignorance, so its better to just realize the fact here. Our planet formed around 4.5 billion years ago and life created on earth about 1.5 billion years ago and it evolved as an Intelligent life. If this might happened any where else in the universe just some billion years before it happened on earth, then those Intelligent Lifeforms could have reached earth very long back. Did our Ancestors meet those Intelligent Lifeforms from Outer Space? Did they help in the development of human race ?

Being born from a country with great Ancient Mysteries and Prehistory. I decided to dig the Prehistory and Mysteries of Ancient India which were passed to us through Myths and Vedas. When I started reading those, I was surprised as to why till today none noticed those scientific details encoded in those Ancient scriptures. The reason is simple - the younger generations have lost faith in the genuineness of the Ancient Indian texts. They find contradictory thoughts and confusion in most of what is claimed to be Ancient. As a result, the Ancient past remains unlinked with the present. It appears as there was never any Indian prior to the modern period who could think rationally or clearly without being obscure or religious. It made me to remember of a statement from LOTR "History became legend and legend became myth… and those things which should not have been forgotten… were lost… ". In the fullness of time we too lost the truth.

In the current modern civilization on earth, if we consider the modern technological revolution started from 1500 AD. The first nuclear bomb was created roughly around 1940's. Till date, which is considered to be a king of all technologies. It just took 440 years for the modern humans suffering from wars and natural disasters to create a nuclear technology. Why could not have the Ancient Civilizations like Rama Civilization or Krishna Civilization or any other Civilizations on earth might have created it in their time. The possibility of Ancient Civilization creating a nuke is not very remote nor very easy, but there is always a chance that someone might have built it. Did Ancient Indians use advanced technologies like we use in modern days ?

Let the waves hit the Shores...


  1. Good to read,but still i have my own amateur doubts..

    If you are going by epics and the time frame, what is the answer you can give for the Theory of Evaluation?

    Hope i can find some answer in your future posts...

  2. Hi இரவுப்பறவை, Here you go,

    I guess you are talking about Theory of Evolution.

    Evolution cannot be proved or unproved, we accept Darwin's theory of Evolution because the alternate theory is super natural.

    I would not say that the Ancient Writing are completely Authentic and we can take it as a proof. Today we do not know what is Ancient and what was written or rewritten 200 years back. But still we claim everything as Ancient. Under Ancient History of India topic, we will discuss how the Original Ancient Indian Texts of Ancient Writings got corrupted or rewritten in different form.

    The Evolution theory from epics or Ancient writings matches our current scientific THEORY of Evolution.

    Lord Vishnu is the all-pervasive Lord who expands into everything. He is the maintainer of the universe and the complete cosmic creation. His 10 avatar shows the different stages of the evolution (In Purana there are 25 avatars of Vishnu, we will talk about it later).

    1.Matsya (The Fish, life originated in water)
    2.Koorma (The tortoise, Fish to the Amphibian Tortoise)
    3.Varaha (The boar, the Amphibian to the strictly land animal)
    4.Narasimha (The Human-Lion, land animal to a humanoid form with Animalistic characteristic)
    5.Vamana (The Dwarf, Animal-man to purely human in dwarf form, should be some kind of apes)
    6.Parasurama (The angry man with axe, Dwarf to a physically well-developed ferocious human)
    7.Rama (The perfect man, who is considered as the ideal man, still spent half of his life in a forest)
    8.Balarama (Farmer, Humans started settling in a place and started farming)
    9.Krishna (Technologically advanced person, Equivalent to a modern human)
    10.Kalki (Who flies in space in a white horse, Our space travel, cosmic human)

    Hope this answers your question.

  3. Amazing Post!!! Starts of a new thought train in anyone's mind who reads it....Keep Going Vijay...!!! U could be the next revelation!!!!

  4. Very Good One !!!! A perfect blend of Science, Philosophy and History.. Good Going ... I admired these lines a lot

    That was the second I felt like all my questions answered through a question. At times feeling like, we got answer for some question results in thousands of new questions.

    How much true !!! The biggest chain reaction is our thought process.

  5. Thanks a ton, Archana and Shobana!